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Reflexology: Treating the Chakras


This course is discontinued

DATE: 13th August 2022

NRRI: 100 CPD credits

IRIL: 50 CPD credits

COST: €110 (€30 deposit will be required upon registration).

Manual included.



This light touch reflexology treatment, treats and balances the Chakra Energy System through the chakra reflexes on the feet and hands. It treats both chronic and acute conditions and is highly effective at bringing the body into Homeostasis.


For ‘acute’ conditions, the technique may be incorporated into a reflexology treatment as a ‘helper area’ or in isolation to alleviate any acute, painful or inflamed area of the body.   


‘Chronic’ conditions by their very nature generally need much more time than acute ones. The treatment for chronic conditions itself takes one hour approximately to complete - an entire reflexology treatment.


The Chakras do not function in isolation, they are inter-related and inter-connected. To achieve optimum health, happiness and harmony they all need to be balanced and functioning properly. Treating the Chakras through reflexology is one way of achieving this.



The workshop will cover the following areas:


  • About the chakras

  • The chakra reflexes

  • Pre-treatment regime for acute and chronic conditions

  • General assessment

  • General energy assessment

  • Balancing client's general energy

  • Specific analysis

  • The heels in treatment mode

  • General energy balancing through the chakra reflexes

  • Balancing right foot, left foot

  • Balancing top to bottom

  • Initial holds for relaxation

  • Techniques for acute conditions

  • Treatment for chronic conditions

  • Additional information


A clear and concise manual with charts and notes will be provided. A case history form will be included in the manual. A certificate and CPD credits will be awarded upon completion of the workshop (please bring CPD card on the day).  


Please note:

Refreshments will be provided to which you will have access at all times. Lunch will not be provided, but there are kitchen facilities available if you would like to bring a packed lunch. There are also several shops and bars/restaurants which serve lunch nearby.  

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