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Practitioner's Diploma in Reflexology


This course is discontinued. 


This Diploma course is ideal for complete beginners or those who have experience or training in related therapies and wish to start a career in Reflexology. 





At Shangri-La School of Reflexology and Holistic Health, the student is introduced to Anatomy & Physiology and simple explanations of how all the body systems work. Integrating the information on how the body works, and the process of disease in the body with the reflexology routine, helps the student build a more complete picture of how reflexology can assist in achieving better health. Emphasis will be placed on the meridians of the body and related emotions from an oriental perspective.


“Transformational” pretty much sums up Deirdre Jackman’s Reflexology course. As a student you are literally moulded into a facilitator for healing while undergoing your own amazing healing – body, mind and spirit. Words will never describe the changes I have seen in my own life and in the lives of the others on the course during my time studying with Deirdre. If you are looking for a truly amazing and life shaping experience while learning an amazing skill and fulfilling your own life path, congratulations, you have found it.   

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On successful qualification, you will be invited to join the Irish Reflexologists Institute, Ltd. (IRIL) ( as a member, one of reflexology’s main bodies in Ireland. This enables you to practice reflexology professionally, obtain professional insurance and be placed on the referral register so the IRIL can direct people looking for reflexology practitioners in your area, to you. Graduates who join the professional body are recognised by VHI, LAYA Healthcare, GloHealth and AVIVA Health providers. Conditions apply.


Student membership is available with the IRIL and types of Professional Indemnity Insurance recommended.

The course structure is devised in a way which allows the Theory and Practice to work in harmony for the learner to understand. Not only will you receive warm guidance and support from Deirdre, but due to her vast knowledge and experience, you gain so much more. The course itself is a journey of self-discovery and healing. I now run my own practice and Deirdre is always there to offer support if needed.

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This Diploma course commences on 23rd & 24th January 2021 and will run for the duration of 14 months. It will be held on Saturdays and Sundays, one weekend per month, spaced approximately 4-5 weeks apart. Classes will never fall on bank holiday weekends. Subsequent weekend course dates will be decided having consulted with the class group. Classes will be held on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30am to 5.30pm with a one hour lunch break each day at 1pm.





A Diploma in Reflexology will be awarded to those students who attend and complete all modules and case histories and pass examinations in adherence to the criteria established by the Irish Reflexologists Institute (IRIL).


Students should expect to spend a reasonable amount of time on home study each week throughout the duration of the course.


There will be continual assessment throughout the course and each module will end with a short oral question and answer time, related to that module. Home study assignments will also be set and monitored. Students are required to document and submit a minimum of 60 hours of Case Histories (practical work).





The latter part of the course includes two practical mock examinations, so students can practice their exam technique. The final qualifying exam takes place on the last weekend of the course. Final examination fees are the same as for other modules.

Because of the way the course was structured, I was able to attain high marks in theory and practical, even though I was in full-time employment and a Mom. I learned much more than just the course material, I grew as a person in confidence and was able to release a lot of emotional baggage along the way through having the students work on me in class.

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Students will need to acquire and bring to training sessions the following items:


  • A4 writing pad and pens/pencils.

  • A yoga mat (not essential) or towel, as each module commences with meditation.


Students will be expected to wear comfortable clothing e.g. tracksuit. Footwear should provide easy access to the feet.


No jewellery or watches should be worn when giving a treatment and it is essential that nails are cut short.


Students will work in pairs for practical work.


No books are required for the course. Comprehensive Reflexology, Anatomy and Physiology study notes and a reflexology chart will be provided.





The cost per module is €250 (including the final exam module).


A deposit of €50 (made payable to Deirdre Jackman) must be returned with the Booking/Application form to secure a place on the course. This deposit is non-refundable and is deducted from the cost of the first module.


Post-graduate Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses in Reflexology, Baby Reflexology, Brazilian Toe Hold with emphasis on the Meridians of the body, Reflexology - Treating and Balancing the Chakras on the Feet, Reflexology – Linking Techniques, Indian Head Massage and Reiki Training and Certification of the Usui Shiki Ryoho Method of Natural Healing are also available. Attendance at same will be a requirement for continuing membership entitlement of the Irish Reflexologists Institite. This is due to the future Government regulation of Complementary medicine.

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