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Chi-Reflexology 1


DATES: To be confirmed

NRRI: 200 CPD credits

IRI: 100 CPD credits

INVESTMENT: €350 (includes manuals, certificate, tea breaks & lunch)

DEPOSIT: €150 non-refundable



For Reflexologists, Body & Natural Therapists



Chi-Reflexology, developed by Moss Arnold, is a unique form of reflexology & natural therapy. It is based on an understanding of the Chinese philosophy, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is applied to the science of Reflexology and combining it with energy work, and also expanding it as an art, the result is a new dynamic approach and therapy.


Intuition combined with knowledge and working ethically and morally form the basis of Chi-Reflexology, providing a whole new way of understanding the process of healing.


As a philosophical approach it emphasises working with and not against the whole human being, empowering rather than depowering it. It brings into focus the hippocratic oath, “I shall do no harm!” 


Chi-Reflexology, added to your present skills, will bring another dimension to your therapy, by balancing all the energies of the human being. At the end of a treatment this takes no more than a few minutes to perform. 


However, if you are drawn to Chi-Reflexology, it can be utilised as a complete and unique approach to well-being.


“Where the wisdom of the East meets the practicality of the West to expand the boundaries of peace, harmony and well-being.”



CHI REFLEXOLOGY 1 | Workshop Content (2 Days)



a) Anatomical Reflection Theory

b) Perspective of the Feet

c) Holding Techniques

d) Basic Rules of Chi Reflexology


Basic Techniques - Options

a) 5 Options Available

b) Sedation, Stimulation and Balancing Options


Balancing Organ Chi Sequence: Theory & Practical


Practical:  Chi-Reflexology Openings


Chinese Philosophy:  Chi - Formative Process


Solar Plexus:  K.1 & Triple Burner


Practical:  Chi-Reflexology Treatment


Techniques: Head, Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back


(Dorsal Foot) - Acu-points and meridians, Large Intestines, Kidney & Bladder





Moss M Arnold BA Dip. Ed., Dip.FR, Dip.OM, Dip.TCM, is not only the founder and Principal, but also the chief trainer of the Australian College of Chi-Reflexology. He is

an accredited member of the ATMS, RAA & ICR.


An educator for over twenty years, a therapist for more than fourteen and, more recently an author, Moss has his College and own professional practice in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia. 


As the originator of the unique approach known as Chi-Reflexology he presents and trains at seminars in Australia and Internationally.Moss’ enthusiasm and humour are infectious making these training seminars entertaining, casual yet, highly professional.  


Moss brings an ever-expanding array of talents and original insights to Reflexology and the Natural therapies, including a vast knowledge of Chinese philosophy and unique wholistic and spiritual concepts. His unquenchable thirst for knowledge and unerring enthusiasm ensure that Chi-Reflexology will continue to grow and expand. His vision is best expressed thus –


“Life is about giving, helping and sharing. For in this process there is growth, expansion & enlightenment!”

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